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phpUnderControl Downloads

PEAR Installer

The preferred way to install phpUnderControl should be the phpUnderControl PEAR channel, where you will always find the latest stable version. Just enter

pear channel-discover pear channel-discover pear install --alldeps phpuc/phpUnderControl-beta

From the subversion repository

If you are curious about the latest phpUnderControl features, you can use a checkout from phpUnderControl's git repository. But keep in mind that the master version may be broken from time to time.

git clone git://

Otherwise you can check out one of the tagged versions from github.

git clone git:// cd phpUnderContol git checkout 1.0.0


phpUnderControl 0.4.7

phpUnderControl 0.4.6

phpUnderControl 0.4.5

phpUnderControl 0.4.4

phpUnderControl 0.4.3

phpUnderControl 0.4.2

phpUnderControl 0.4.1

phpUnderControl 0.4.0