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phpUnderControl Downloads

PEAR Installer

The preferred way to install phpUnderControl should be the phpUnderControl PEAR channel, where you will always find the latest stable version. Just enter

pear channel-discover pear channel-discover pear install --alldeps phpuc/phpUnderControl-beta

From the subversion repository

If you are curious about the latest phpUnderControl features, you can use a checkout from phpUnderControl's git repository. But keep in mind that the master version may be broken from time to time.

git clone git://

Otherwise you can check out one of the tagged versions from github.

git clone git:// cd phpUnderContol git checkout 1.0.0


phpUnderControl 1.0.0

phpUnderControl 0.6.1beta1

phpUnderControl 0.6.0

phpUnderControl 0.6.0beta3

phpUnderControl 0.6.0beta2

phpUnderControl 0.6.0beta1

phpUnderControl 0.5.1

phpUnderControl 0.5.0

phpUnderControl 0.4.7

phpUnderControl 0.4.6

phpUnderControl 0.4.5

phpUnderControl 0.4.4

phpUnderControl 0.4.3

phpUnderControl 0.4.2

phpUnderControl 0.4.1

phpUnderControl 0.4.0